About Us

Founded in 2002

Climate Resiliency and Risk Services
Climate Resiliency and Risk Services

We established Nodelcorp to offer professional service in risk assessment, climate resiliency, governance, and sustainable development.

We provide specialized services in engineering analysis, communication, education and the development of public and corporate policy.  Our focus is on sustainable development and its application to evolving issues such as climate change adaptation and management.  We facilitate technical and social analysis to develop meaningful and pragmatic approaches to solving complex problems.

Our Team

Risk and Resiliency Professionals

Joel R Nodelman

President & CEO

Joel Nodelman is an engineering and risk management specialist with over forty years of professional practice. Over his career, Joel’s primary mission was environmental responsibility and sustainable development. He promoted these strategies in the design, operation, and management of complex engineered systems and organizational structures. He brings this focus to his consulting practice, providing clients with pragmatic approaches to address climate change risk.

Joan YH Nodelman

Vice President & CFO

Joan is a specialist in governance, education, and risk management with over forty years of professional practice. Over her career, Joan’s primary focus was promoting effective consultation, team-work, and management systems. She brings this focus to her consulting practice, working with client teams to identify pragmatic, workable, approaches to address complex problems. She has the unique ability to draw diverse and sometimes fractious groups together to achieve consensus

Our Blog

Climate * Risk * Resiliency

We co-author a weekly blog – Climate * Risk * Resiliency.

Here are a few of our most recent commentaries.