Who is Nodelcorp?

We are a proudly small and efficient team dedicated to reducing the impact of climate change. 

Working on climate change for almost thirty years, providing  services to businesses, municipal, provincial and federal governments to help in reducing the impact of climate change.

We work with you to identify your climate resilience problems and help you on the path to reducing the impact of climate change.

Reducing the impact of climate change

Reducing the Impact of Climate Change ...
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Check out NodelWorks. Self-directed learning on climate and resilience.We are THE source for training on climate risk in Canada.
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Check out our key services that balance environment, social, and financial needs. 
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Check out our blog.  After decades working on climate change, we offer our thoughts about climate, risk and resilience. 
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Who are we?

Reducing the impact of climate change

Building resilience to climate change through engineering, training, and influencing. 

We believe resilience is the path to success.  

We use technical, social, and financial tools to solve climate problems.

Reducing the Impact of Climate Change 2

Joan Nodelman


Specialist in governance, and risk management with over forty years of professional practice. Joan’s focus is  promoting effective consultation, team-work, and management systems.

Reducing the Impact of Climate Change 3

Joel Nodelman


Engineering and risk management specialist with over forty years of professional practice. Joel’s mission is environmental responsibility and sustainable development. 

What have we done?
Reducing the Impact of Climate Change


Incorporated in 2002


Clients from across Canada and World-Wide


Climate Adaptation and Greenhouse Gas Reduction


Reports, presentations and papers.

What have we said recently about reducing the impact of climate change?

We Need to Listen Too

We Need to Listen Too

Twitter Facebook-f Linkedin About the author … We Need to Listen Too Mid-summer is always quiet for us. Our clients go on holidays, or are working with a reduced staff. So, our email goes quiet, except for the perpetual spam. Also, the only phone calls we get are from unsolicited sales reps and the fake Google

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Going on a Carbon Diet

Going on a Carbon Diet

Twitter Facebook-f Linkedin About the author … Going on a Carbon Diet Last week, I saw an ad on television for the umpteenth time. The ad made me realize that going on a carbon diet is similar to any other reduction activity. In fact, a nice-looking, slim woman held a big netted bag of fruit

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More Questions People Often Ask Us

Yes! We believe that everyone should have a good understanding of the risks they face. With this knowledge you can protect yourself. You can avoid risky situations and prepare strategies to deal with potential hazards. When you do this, you save money. You avoid bad things and reduce the costs from things you can’t avoid. 


We can help you identify your climate risks and identify cost-effective ways to fix your problems. In the long run, this will save you money.

The CRM is a Canadian Risk Management certificate. The CRM professional has a thorough background in Canadian risk, covering the gamut from insurance to finance, engineering, climate, and everything in between.  


As CRMs, we can offer you a broad evaluation of your overall risk and how to fix it. We can work with you to define a wide range of solutions from hardware fixes through to insurance programs.  Your can read more about our journey to our CRMs in our post.

Climate Change affects more than your current assets and infrastructure. It will affect the way you do business, your insurance, and legal obligations.


As CRM professionals, we can help you review the pure and speculative risks that affect your business. Equipped with this knowledge, you will be well on the path to building resilience to climate change​. 

Climate change affects our building codes and standards. It is wise to consider a climate review before you refurbish or build. This gives you insight on how to reduce climate risk.


We have the expertise to advise on most climate risk assessments, providing a holistic perspective and the best, and most cost-effective ways to assess and treat your risk.

Much like a set of glasses, the Climate Lens is a set of guidelines that provides a clear vision on our management and building resilience to climate change.


We were key advisors to the Climate Lens and can help you address its requirements. Read more about this in our post on Canada’s Climate Lens.

We believe that the right tool is the one that outlines the most efficient method to answer YOUR questions. Often, folks will select a tool because it comes highly recommended, or someone else used it in another successful project. But, that doesn’t always mean this is the best approach for you. In fact, ISO 31010 provides a wide range of approaches to answer your climate risk questions.


We’d be happy to guide your through that selection process. Read more about climate assessment tools in our post on this topic.

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Building Resilience to Climate Change​
106 Goodridge Drive, St. Albert, AB
MON-FRI 09:00 - 19:00 MT
Phone: + 1 780 418 3380
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