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To reduce the suffering and costs caused by climate change 



Check out NodelWorks. Self-directed learning on climate and resilience.We are THE source for training on climate risk in Canada.
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Check out our blog.  After decades working on climate change, we offer our thoughts about climate, risk and resilience. 
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Climate Resiliency and Risk Services

Building resilience to climate change through engineering, training, and policy services. Our mission is to reduce the suffering and costs caused by climate change. We believe resilience is the path to success.  We use technical, social, and financial tools to solve complex questions.

Joan Nodelman


Specialist in governance, and risk management with over forty years of professional practice. Joan’s focus is  promoting effective consultation, team-work, and management systems.

Joel Nodelman


Engineering and risk management specialist with over forty years of professional practice. Joel’s mission is environmental responsibility and sustainable development. 

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Incorporated in 2002


Clients from across Canada and World-Wide


Climate Adaptation and Greenhouse Gas Reduction


Reports, presentations and papers.

Recent Posts

Climate Resilience is a Choice

Climate Resilience is a Choice

Twitter Facebook-f Linkedin About the author … Climate Resilience is a Choice Lately, I have been thinking about how climate resilience is a choice. I often get pamphlets and flyers from banks and investment experts with wealth advice.  In fact, these offers pack both my snail mail and email. And, it’s good advice, like the kind

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Climate Argument and Scientific Debate

Climate Argument and Scientific Debate

Then he went on to “educate” us about our company and the work we do. He told us: After a thirty-minute lecture he told us he had never planned to discuss our proposal.  Then, he sent us on our way. This is a clear example of the difference between climate argument and scientific debate. Joan and

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A Couple of Degrees Matters

A Couple of Degrees Matters

Today, a personal reflection on climate change and how a couple of degrees matters. I have been working on climate change issues for almost thirty years now. I had hoped that we would have reached a stage where we got over the arguments and got on with the work. But, that is a naïve hope of

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Frequently asked Questions

Much like a set of glasses, the Climate Lens is a set of guidelines that provides a clear vision on our management and building resilience to climate change​. Read more about this in our post on Canada’s Climate Lens.

Yes, we will only use your email to send you updates on posts and newsletters.

Climate Change affects more than your current assets and infrastructure. There will be consequences on the way you do business, your insurance programs, and legal obligations. A CRM can help you review the pure and speculative risks that affect your path forward in building resilience to climate change​.

Climate change affects our building codes and standards. It is wise to consider a climate review before we refurbish or build. This gives us insight on how to reduce climate risk. We have the expertise to advise on most climate risk assessments, providing a holistic perspective.

Since we conduct most of our business using the Internet and cloud services, we can answer your questions within a day or so. 

Yes! We believe that everyone should have a good understanding of the risks they face. With this knowledge we can protect ourselves in several ways. We can avoid risky situations and prepare strategies to deal with potential hazards. When we do this, we save money. We avoid bad things and reduce the costs from things we can’t avoid. 

Every business has different training needs. If you need resilience training, we can design and deliver a training program tailored to your needs. We also offer self-directed training through our NodelWorks platform.

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Building Resilience to Climate Change​
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