Adaptation Services

Climate change means higher frequency and bigger impact of severe weather events! 

Nodelcorp can help you assure that your assets and engineered systems can withstand the the impact of severe weather events due to changing climate patterns?


We can help you:

        • Review your operations to assess their vulnerability to severe climate events
        • Understand how changing climate patterns may affect your assets
        • Sift through the climate data relevant to your infrastructure needs

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We can help you:

        • Assess the climate change vulnerability of your engineered systems
        • Tailor programs, operations and management procedures to meet your needs  
        • Build informed procurement, engineering, operations and maintenance programs address the impacts of changing climate

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We can help you:

        • Understand your climate change risks
        •  Develop mitigation strategies
        • Negotiate solutions within your own organization, with outside entities and with government agencies
        • Establish viable solutions to real problems

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We can help you:

        • Train and certify your staff in climate risk assessment processes
        • Bring climate risk analysis into your organization

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