Adapting to Climate Change



Once you have created a climate change risk profile you will need to establish strategies to adjust your operation to accommodate anticipated changes.

Adaptation measures can vary from very simple changes to day-to-day activities through to extensive overhauls of engineered systems.  Fortunately, most change scenarios that we have encountered can be addressed through small adjustments to design, operation and maintenance activities.  Sometimes, the response can be as simple as merely challenging the utility of historic weather data in design and maintenance work.

Data and conclusions from vulnerability assessments of engineered structures form a good basis for formulation of Best Practices, Guidance Documents and Procedures.  

Understanding the likely intensity of future weather events can help your design and maintenance teams incorporate appropriate measures into new systems or refurbishments – beefing up the system to absorb these anticipated events.

Finally, organizations that understand their climate change risk profiles can adapt standard procurement, engineering, operations and maintenance programs to ensure that managing these risks becomes part of routine day-to-day activities within the organization.