Finding Climate Change Adaptation Solutions that Work

The Nodelcorp team can help you find climate change adaptation solutions that work for you.

We have found that establishing meaningful adaptive responses to climate change is a multidisciplinary process requiring:

      • Fundamental understanding of risk and risk assessment processes
      • Directly relevant engineering knowledge of the infrastructure
      • Climatic and meteorological expertise relevant to the region
      • Hands-on operation experience with the infrastructure
      • Hands-on management knowledge with infrastructure
      • Local knowledge and history 

We have extensive experience in coordinating the multi-disciplinary group of engineering and science professionals needed to conduct an informative assessment, producing a realistic risk profile of an engineered system.  Through this process we establish not only the infrastructure’s sensitivities to the changing climate but also workable, pragmatic and cost effective adaptive responses.

We were the principal authors of a Climate Change Engineering Vulnerability Assessment Tool developed under the auspices of Engineers Canada through the Public Infrastructure Engineering Vulnerability Committee PIEVC.