Climate Resilience Training

Climate resilience training is important to us. We have been working on climate resilience issues for over twenty-five years. In fact, much of our work served as the basis for many of today’s climate actions. Thus, we have hands-on experience with with:

  • Renewable energy;
  • Energy efficiency; 
  • Greenhouse gas regulation
  • Carbon pricing; and
  • Climate risk assessment and adaptation.  

Our Mission

Our mission at Nodelcorp is to promote climate resilience. 

We believe that we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Also, we must prepare for more violent and weirder weather. In fact, these issues are two sides of the same climate coin. Thus, while we act on emissions, we must take care that our social, physical and economic systems can survive the transition. 

NodelWorks for Climate Resilience Training

climate resilience training
Training from Nodelcorp

To support our mission, we set up NodelWorks. Through this division, we share climate resilience knowledge and training.

We continue to give in-person and live online training.  But, we have dedicated NodelWorks to self-directed learning.  Thus, NodelWorks offers downloadable content providing guidance for your resilience work, and courses you can do on your own time.

Nothing can replace the experience of in-person training.  However, you may find it hard to find a course that fits your busy work schedule. Or, someone can offer the course many miles from home. Thus, the training may require travel, time away from the office, and expense.  Self-directed training allows you to join a course when you wish and do it on your own time. Also, you can come back from time to time to review and refresh your learning.  

NodelWorks offers you the place to find the information you need for your climate resilience work. Also, we continue to add new content almost weekly. 

Though NodelWorks we offer:

  • Free and premium courses on climate resilience practice, and methods; and
  • Free and premium reports, guidance documents, and e-books.  

Check us out at NodelWorks. There you can sign up for the NodelWorks newsletter and receive early notice of new courses and documents. Or, contact us directly.